Kitchen Appliance Repairs

We specialise in repairing a range of kitchen appliances. This includes electrical ovens, cooktops, rangehoods and dishwashers. As we know they are all essential to the smooth running of your kitchen we will fix whatever is broken fast!

Modern ovens and cooktops are very complex so a lot can go wrong with them including the thermostat, heating elements or even door seals. The first sign your rangehood is not working properly is when it starts making a noise. It’s important to keep your rangehood working at it’s best, even though you can cook without it, as it has an important job extracting cooking odours, moisture, and smoke.

Dishwashers have made life a lot easier in the modern kitchen. This means when it is not working properly you need it fixed fast so you don’t have to hand washing your dishes!

Laundry Appliance Repairs

We specialise in fixing laundry appliances quickly. This includes both washing machines and clothes dryers. This is because we know the chaos that is caused by a heap of dirty clothes you can’t wash or dry.

We fix both front loading and top loading machines. Some of the common problems we encounter include the washing machine not filling up with water, not spinning or draining, and no hot water.

Clothes dryers always seem to break down when it is raining outside. That’s why we fix them fast! Some problems clothes dryers can have include overheating. This issue can cause it to shut down. Other issues clothes dryers can have include it not heating enough – which means you likely have a broken heating element that needs to be replaced or repaired.


At UNEED Electrical & Appliance Services we install both kitchen and laundry appliances. We always install appliances in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. This means your new appliance will work correctly from the moment it is installed.

It is not that widely known that replacing an old appliance, especially electric ovens and cooktops, sometimes is not that simple. This is because newer appliances can have different requirements. If you are replacing a particularly old appliance or your home still uses ceramic fuses you may need an upgrade to your switchboard.

As a licensed electrician we can do this. We can also add extra powerpoints or even customise fittings.

LED and Downlight Installation

Getting the lighting in your home right is very important. Most home owners also want their lighting to be energy efficient. That’s why LED lighting has become so popular.

LED lighting is a cost effective way to brighten up your home. However it is essential that you only use good quality LED downlights. That’s why we only use the best quality ones that are both long lasting and energy efficient.

We also upgrade kitchen and bathroom lighting after renovations. It is important to get your lighting right when you do a renovation to your home.

If you need help with outdoor or security lighting we can do that too, as well as any other lighting needs around your home.

TV Mounts & Antennas

As entertainment systems get bigger and bigger, there is a growing demand for TVs and sound systems to be mounted on walls with messy cables hidden from view. At UNEED Electrical & Appliance Services we will not only hide your cables but also patch any holes made to hide them in the first place!

Just bought a new digital TV but haven’t upgraded your antenna? Don’t put up with bad reception or missing channels with an old antenna. Most people don’t realise that most older antennas only receive 10% to 30% of a digital signal. If you have a home in a high wind or valley that requires additional antenna height and strength we can build a tripod antenna to add strength without breaking any roof tiles

As we are Licensed Electricians we can save you time and money by mounting your TV, installing an antenna and adding extra power points all in the one visit.

Electrical Repairs

No matter how small the job we can help with all your electrical needs. This includes installing additional power points. In short it means you can finally get ride of all your messy powerboards. We also guarantee that we won’t leave unsightly holes in your walls and will always clean up after ourselves.

If you are having issues with your switchboard or safety switches we can help with that too. We will advise if it is best to repair or if an upgrade is needed. In addition, we also test and tag appliances to make sure they are safe to use.

For all our electrical work, we provide a fixed upfront cost before we begin work. This means there are no surprises. We also pride ourselves on being available after hours, without the hefty call out fee, that many other electricians charge. Therefore there is no need to take a day of annual leave when you call us out!

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