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  3. Washing Machine & Dryer Repair
  4. New Appliance Installation
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We take care of all your appliance needs

From repairs and installations to upgrades and more. UNEED provides trusted electrical solutions for Sydney homes and businesses.

Oven Repair

UNEED Electrical & Appliance Services offers kitchen repair and installation solutions across Sydney. Our oven repair service will get your kitchen back into action quickly and with minimum fuss. We will inspect, repair, and upgrade the equipment your family relies on every day. We understand electric oven problems, from thermostats and heating elements to wiring and door seals. When you contact UNEED, you gain access to an experienced team of electricians with a working knowledge of modern ovens and kitchen repairs.

Cooking Repair

UNEED Electrical & Appliance Services provides professional cooktop repairs for homes and businesses across Sydney. You rely on your cooktop every day to feed hungry family members or customers — therefore, you need fast and reliable kitchen repairs whenever needed so you can get back to work. Our team will inspect, repair, and upgrade your cooktop and other kitchen equipment at an affordable price. Whether you want to fix your old cooktop, install a shiny new appliance, or renovate your entire kitchen, UNEED is here with valuable advice and practical solutions you can trust.

Dishwasher Repair

UNEED Electrical & Appliance Services offers dishwasher repair and other kitchen services across Sydney. Rather than letting your dirty dishes stack up, you can rely on UNEED to get your kitchen back on track. We have the skills required to repair dishwashers on-site. We can also install new appliances and upgrade existing kitchen wiring and circuits. Whether you're a young couple, a growing family, or an office kitchen, we know how to diagnose problems fast and implement solutions that work. Our stress-free repair process respects your home or place of work, and our team always deliver on our promises.

Washing Machine Repair

UNEED Electrical & Appliance Services provides washing machine repairs and laundry services across Sydney. We know how to service and repair front loaders, top loaders, and dryers among other equipment. We can help you to add new appliances, install power points in your laundry or bathroom, and provide wiring solutions for bathroom and laundry renovations. We know how hard it is when your washing machine stops working, so our reliable team of electricians offer fast and friendly service at an affordable price.

Real estate work

UNEED Electrical & Appliance Services offers property management and aged care services across Sydney. We provide simple electrical solutions for residential property managers, commercial facility managers, and strata management teams. We will inspect, repair, and upgrade your electrical equipment, and offer a trusted appliance repair service for aged care centres and retirement villages. Our team provide a complete service, including appliance installation, wiring solutions and renovations. We understand the challenges of property management, and offer integrated solutions you can depend on.

Brands We Repair Include:

Why Choose Us?

UNEED Electrical & Appliance Services combines trusted advice with industry experience and technical expertise. We offer fast competitive quotes, complete electrical solutions, and reliable service with a smile. We respect your space and provide a stress-free service in an affordable package. We work fast without disrupting your home or place of work. At UNEED, electrical work has never been this easy. 

Upfront Pricing

We provide on-site service, up-front pricing. From simple repairs and appliance installations to entire kitchen upgrades, we provide great value for your money. At UNEED, we respect every customer and always find the best solution within your budget.

Licensed and Experienced

Our friendly team of electricians are licensed, trained, and highly experienced. We have 10+ years of experience in the Sydney area, and we understand the needs of local residents and business owners. At UNEED, we combine technical knowledge with honest hard work in order to achieve great results.

Authorised Manufacturer Service Agent

Our highly skilled team of electricians is authorised to perform appliance repairs and installations. We have working relationships with all major electrical manufacturers. We are familiar with all electrical appliances, and have a sound working knowledge of local compliance standards. At UNEED, we are 100% focused on your needs at all times.

Knowledge and Support

Our friendly customer service team provide valuable advice and honest communication. We listen to the needs of our customers and create tailored solutions that respect each property and budget. At UNEED, we offer detailed product knowledge and ongoing customer support in a friendly and stress-free package.

Check Out Some Of Our 5 Star Google Reviews

Prompt, very obliging, friendly. Done a great job.
Jack’s electrical work is exemplary, a professional, takes pride in his work, honest, generous with his time & advice and delivers on the best outcome to the customer needs.We will definitely highly recommend Jack & his team for any electrical/lighting fittings work.
Jack was very on time and he did a great job at installing our outdoor lights today. He knows well what he is doing and he makes sure installation is done perfectly. Thank you for a job well done!
Great job, very friendly, flexible, very easy to work with and very well priced, even though job took a bit longer than anticipated due to original installation.
Nowadays, you have to count your lucky stars to find an honest tradie who put their customers first. Jack is one of them!When he believes there are alternative solutions, he would explain the situation to his customer and go through the pros and cons with the customer. Jack always puts customers’ safety above anything else, unlike some tradies who have this “just do it” attitude without considering the consequences of their actions (e.g. structure damages etc)We are very grateful to have Jack as our electrician to look after us.
Jack was a real gentleman and went way above and beyond what was required of him to ensure that my tumble dryer was fixed in the shortest possible timeframe, all with a big smile and some great conversation. Top man!
Great service and fair prices. Honest and gave us the best solution for our antenna issue in kellyville area. If you have anything electrical or antenna related make sure to call these guys. Could not recommend them highly enough!!!!!😊

With UNEED, appliance installations and repairs have never been this easy

1. Call our friendly team or complete a form to request a callback.

2. One of our reliable and certified electricians will visit your home to asses your job and provide a quote.

3. Be assured that with our capped priced service you can make your decision, accept the quote, and we will take care of the rest.


1. Do you do all electrical services?

Yes, we do! UNEED performs general electrical work, maintenance and repairs, and upgrades and renovations in what is a complete residential and commercial service. We have specialised skills in appliance installation and repair but also have you covered for your other electrical needs.

2. Do you offer an Up-Front Pricing?

We offer Upfront Pricing, which means we make costs available upfront and keep the entire process completely transparent at all times. The job list and scope is made available, and we can adjust the quote or worklist during the work. We respect you by giving you the cost before work begins.

3. Do you provide same day service?

Yes, we do! We accept same-day service whenever we're able, especially if we have another job close by. We understand that your time is valuable, and we do everything we can to minimise hassle and stress. However, because every job and location is different, we cannot guarantee same-day service in every situation.

4. Do you service residential, commercial & industrial?

Yes, we do! We are currently focusing on residential and commercial work across Sydney, but we do carry out industrial jobs in some situations. If you have any questions about the scope or scale of our work, simply get in touch with our friendly team.

5. Do you do real estate and strata work?

Yes, we do! We offer real estate solutions for developers, landlords, and property managers. We work very closely with a number of residential property managers and commercial facility managers, and we also work alongside some strata management teams.

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